Sol.Ve.T. has been working for over thirty years in the chemical sector as a producer of of solvents, thinners and allied substances, that are intended for wholesalers and firms operating in mechanics, textiles, constructions, graphics, bodyworks and wood sectors.Thanks to the quality of its products and to their constancy, the firm has been able to become an important partner of multinational companies working in Italy in the fields of car-refinishing, coil-coating, lithographic and typographical printing, paints for industry, wood and building, confirming so the validity of a way of working based on the research of the best product.Solvet is constantly engaged in the chemical research with the aim to satisfy its customers, giving always to them products at the top of quality but also with a decreasing contamination of the environment. In the field of research, particular attention is directed to the effort in making products decreasingly harmful to safeguard the user’s health.


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