Atelier Sorelle Iuliucci built a solid reputation in producing high-quality, masterful suits that reflect his creative talent and originality, they love to develop complicated cuts, shapes and details which are stunning and impossible to imitate for the couture gown. Precious fabrics are made in the laboratories of the most prestigious fabric suppliers in Italy, France and Switzerland, the fabrics used by Atelier Sorelle Iuliucci in their collections are innovative and refined. He designs prints and laces which are developed specially for his collections using the finest silks.
They are also specialised in custom-made couture tailored to accentuate the beauty of the individual.
This is the world of Atelier Sorelle Iuliucci, where all everything is done to to ensure a faultless bespoke garment hovering twixt creativity and haute technique, twixt dream and reality, glamour and well-being.
The multiplicity of luxury, finally, because this stunning oeuvre of a couturier spans day and night, town, red carpet and glittering reception, with evening dresses as well as skirt or pants suits, jumpsuits, jackets, shirts and capes. Not forgetting that memorable Day of Days, with henceforth an unparalleled collection of bridal wear.
Each collection is made in our laboratories and axpress all the charm of the hand-made product in Italy.

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