DSS transports is a very specialized company in the whole managing of the shipping of temperature controlled perishable goods: Biological substance shipping, Life Human Organs, urgent drugs, Pharmaceuticals by-products, Dangerous goods (ADR).
In these past few years, our Company has expanded its field of action improving in quality and resources. Refrigerated store rooms at controlled temperature and an accurate monitoring system enables us to ensure the management and handling of goods in a safe and efficient environment.
The experience gained at the side of one of the most important international networks has allowed our Company to improve and grow up over time and to achieve a high level of professionalism which we are glad now to offer to very particularly demanding and selected customers.

ISO Certification obtained in 2011 and the maintaining of the standards required represents for our Company the full achievement of the objectives that we set at the beginning of our adventure.

Over the years we have gained considerable experience in the field of dedicated transport and, posing as objective the satisfaction of a more and more sophisticated demand, we have changed our company policy by making a profound change in the choice of structural investments and staff training ( ADR ), fully concentrating our efforts in the pursuit of quality and standards necessary for the transport of goods so peculiar and delicate.

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  • Trasporti a temperatura controllata
  • trasporto merce pericolosa adr
  • trasporti urgenti
  • trasporto farmaci
  • Trasporto di materiale medicale

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