FAP designs and manufactures extrusion lines using the most innovative technologies, obtaining the high quality foam – the Best in the Market. The extrusion lines produce polyethylene and polypropylene expanded foamed by iso-butane or normal butane gas, 100% recyclable at the lowest density that can be used in all production fields where it is necessary to insulate, package, protect (for example in building, electronic, mechanical, automotive, food industries). Extruders are fully automatic and divided in more zones to control temperatures and pressures levels, equipped with dosing units that ensure a supply of the raw materials with high precision. Accurate studies and researches on construction and implementation of the electrical equipment has led to a remarkable power saving method and thus to lower production costs. The extrusion lines are designed to work 24h a day and built with high quality materials which are treated for long-life use reducing at minimum the maintenance.

Estrusione delle materie plastiche - Macchine
  • estrusori per materie plastiche
  • Estrusione delle materie plastiche - Macchine
  • estrusori bivite
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