The machine is fit for cooking, spinning and kneading of pasta filata (mozzarella, scamorza, provola, caciocavallo etc.). The pasta is loaded through the appropriate manual loading door; the direct injection of the steam allows to spread the same steam in an intense way, affecting directly the pasta, in order to reduce the cooking time and guarantee a homogeneous quality product. Once the cooking phase finished, the stringy pasta, thanks to the movement of the augers, is unloaded from the special discharge door and transferred to the molding machine.During this phase, the rotary action of the variable speed and counter-rotating augers pushes the spinning dough into the chamber until it reaches the forming roller, thus obtaining the finished product. The duration of the processing cycle, firing temperature, direction of rotation of the augers and speed, are all adjustable parameters, depending on the product being processed and the technology used.

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  • filatrice per mozzarella
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