FreedomFast may be used as a self-supporting or haging-supporting system, easy to assemble, aluminum made, is ideal solution for different kind of led systems. Fast, versatile, compact, modular: FreedomFast is the freedom to be fast in every single installation! Ledwall support, compact version and black finish, has basic and simple design: this is the fastest solution and the better answer at ledwall star of the events and shows. The ledwall support system must be ballasted (you can request a back ballast - device compatible). Advantages: • Compact and Lightweight: each component (front and back foots, the stabilizers bracing, central positioning and securing system) disassembled enters into a flight case. • Modular: the modular base with adjustable foots is suitable to different types of led modules systems. • Versatile:the back stabilizers, height adjustable, ensure the stability of the walls up to 200 cm.

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