Beautiful and elegant forms for large spaces coverage  - EFESTO PRODUCTION SRL


Macrosphere surface, unlimited and finite on the KÒSMOSFERA's harmonic spaces: the scenographic and architectural solutions for every needs. With studied and elegant forms, easy and quick to mount, KÒSMOSFERA "dresses in party the party" (ideal for create spaces for receptions, weedings or all kind celebrations). The juxaposition of dimensional modules allow to create large covered areas of differents shapes with muck elegance. Between the main features of KÒSMOSFERA there are: - Modularity: Similar modules aggregation allows many possible applications. - Harmony: Form's harmony, with the inspiration of cross vault, is perfect for aevery environment. - Relationship "Form and Space": The particular forms allows to exploit the coveraged spaces. - Sicurity: KÒSMOSFERA: is realized in compliance with applicable regulations

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  • Aluminium structures
  • Efesto Production
  • Kòsmosfera
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