Fully automatic respooling


The primary feature of automatic machinery is that its degree of productivity always remains constant throughout its period of operation, it is not affected by fatigue, or shift changes or pauses that typically identify its human counterpart. GIMAX has been manufacturing fully automatic respoolers for over 24 years. Since the presentation of the first fully automated respooling line for welding wire at the Duesseldorf Wire Show of 1992, Gimax has successfully produced almost 300 of the ROBO series, sold to producers of solid and tubular welding wire (ferrous and non-ferrous) all over the world. Precision layer and random winding No operator required for normal machine operation (1 operator controls 4-5 machines) Siemens control system Touch screen user interface and ethernet connection Regenerative inverter for energy saving

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  • Avvolgitrici e bobinatrici
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