For years we are leaders in Rome in the production of doors for high-quality interior. MP srl It offers its customers a wide selection of door for any environment, in different materials, styles and invoices, even building them tailored to suit every taste and every need. The particular care taken with the doors with a unique style and unmistakable, also moved into the top picks materials: our interior doors made of solid wood give that distinctive touch to environments capable of distinguishing your house from any other. It is the advantage of artisanal production in the factory, which unlike the serial and overcrowded leads to an exclusive, distinguishing product.
The doors are custom-made customizable in size, materials, armor plating, coating and design; Configurable following the guidelines of the customer. The wooden doors or glass reach aesthetic standards and very high robustness, ensuring elegance and durability.
Direct sale to the public, from the factory to the customer, without going through distributors and intermediaries, gives the advantage to be able to buy an exclusive product and high level to highly competitive prices.
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  • The our models and more others

  • Our models

  • Lacquered pantographed and engraved

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  • Arredamento d'interni
  • porte laminate
  • porte per interni
  • porte a vetri
  • porte laccate

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