The most important step we have taken to differentiate our machines
is to focus on the most important part of the circular saw machine:
The sawblade head.
Our engineers have redesigned the power transmission system using
a high efficiency gearbox, integrated with a mechanical recovery
system, making our disk drive more efficient than 40% of the energy
needed to cut it over the competition . In practical terms, it draws
less power when cutting at high speed than the traditional power
transmission system of a helical gear of the same cutting machine.
In addition to reducing energy costs, the efficiency of the gearbox
is also in terms of low cost per cut obtained from a good blade life.
Another point where our engineers are focused is the hydraulic
By improving the power of the pistons, we moved and maintained
the energy where needed, clearing it where it was not needed during
the cutting process. Our energy conservation study is also reflected
in the hydraulic oil temperature, as this new technology always keeps
oil at low temperatures even if the sawmill has to work for 24 hours.
There is therefore no energy loss and this contributes In addition to
maintaining the quality of the oil intact and in practical terms, it is
not necessary to change the oil for years, lowering maintenance and
To end the maintenance talk, the Sawmill machines in the Eco Power
series do not require automatic maintenance operators.

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